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6 Girls!!?? – Nadia Nakai discusses how the lyrics to AKA’s “Company” made her angry

In her first official interview since the passing of her boyfriend, rapper Nadia Nakai discusses her feelings about the lyrics of AKA’s song “Company.”

The interview is conducted by L-Tido and is set to be released this Wednesday.

The trailer for the episode revealed Nadia addressing how the lyrics of the song featuring Kddo bothered her. The specific lyrics that taunted Nakai were:

“One girl not enough for me
Two girls not enough for me
Three girls not enough for me
Not enough for me, not enough for me
Four girls not enough for me
Five girls not enough for me
Six girls not enough for me
Not enough for me, nah nah, (Yeah)”

During the interview, Bragga expresses her shock at the notion that six girls wouldn’t be enough for AKA.

Nadia Nakai also touches on other topics during the podcast.

The tragic death of Kiernan AKA Forbes occurred on February 10, 2023, when he was shot and killed in Durban.


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