Eersterust Pupils Burn Desks to Keep Warm, Sparking Concerns

In a circulating video on social media, students from Eersterust Secondary School can be seen burning desks and chairs behind the school’s toilet area in an attempt to keep warm.

The footage shows the students huddling around the fire, enjoying the warmth it provides, while hiding their faces upon realizing they are being recorded.

The school’s dilapidated state is evident in the video, with broken windows, dirty walls, and a collapsed school wall.

This incident has drawn the attention of various political parties, who conducted an oversight visit to the premises. The United Independent Movement (UIM) spokesperson expressed sadness and called on the Gauteng Education Department to intervene immediately.

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The UIM spokesperson highlighted the need for decisive action to address the situation before it escalates further, emphasizing the importance of the government’s role in ensuring the safety and well-being of students and teachers.

Concerns were raised regarding the potential danger posed to law-abiding students and teachers, as well as the criminal nature of the acts. The involvement of law enforcement was urged to protect those affected and prevent further damage to educational institutions.

As of now, the Department of Education has not provided any official comments on the matter.

The incident has sparked a discussion about the broader issues faced by schools and the need for effective intervention to address these challenges. – Citizen


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