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Uncle Waffles Faces Trolling as South Africans Refuse to Defend Her

South Africans have been watching as Uncle Waffles, a popular influencer and Amapiano DJ, faces intense trolling from Americans after she was featured in a promotional video for Icebox.

In the video, she says, “Make sure you come get your ice, same way I’m coming to get my ice at Icebox dot com.”

The comment section of the video has been filled with vile remarks, targeting her weave, teeth, and overall appearance.

Uncle Waffles has been trending since then, and South Africans are having a field day, enjoying the situation.

However, some South Africans argue that they can’t defend her, especially after she revealed in her BET nomination submission that she is from Swaziland.

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This revelation didn’t sit well with many South Africans, who believe that they played a significant role in her career success by supporting her.

On social media, tweets mocking Uncle Waffles and expressing disappointment have gone viral.

One tweet humorously states, “Not you guys saying 15 Swaziland people must defend Uncle Waffles 😭😭😭” Another tweet jokingly mentions that their king switches off their phones at 19:00 pm.

The reactions from South Africans demonstrate a shift in their support for Uncle Waffles, as they seem to have turned their backs on her amid the trolling and her nationality revelation.

She has since removed the clip from her Instagram account.


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