A tavern owner was shot and killed in front of his wife and kids

Tavern Owner Fatally Shot in Front of Family by Unknown Gunmen!

In a tragic incident, a tavern owner was shot and killed by two unknown gunmen at his home in Cheesewood Street, Delft.

The perpetrators targeted the owner in front of his wife and children, leaving the family devastated.

Details of the Incident:

The victim, Bukile Ndandani, 42, was fatally shot during a robbery at his home tavern.

The assailants specifically asked for the owner before opening fire, causing him to lose his life.

They also stole an undisclosed amount of cash during the incident.

Eyewitness Account:

According to Nompucuko Ndandani, the victim’s wife, the incident took place around 5 am.

She had briefly left the house to prepare the cars for school transportation.

Upon her return, she noticed a car approaching with bright lights, and two men got out of the vehicle.

Nompucuko attempted to rush inside, but the assailants caught up with her, threatening her with a gun.

Inside the house, the robbers demanded money while keeping Bukile and their daughter on the floor.

After handing over the cash, they asked for confirmation of the man of the house, and when Bukile acknowledged his role, they shot and k*lled him before fleeing with the stolen money.

Investigation and Appeal for Information:

The South African Police Service (SAPS) has launched a murder investigation into the incident.

The motive behind the attack is believed to be robbery.

The police are appealing to the public for any information that could help in apprehending the unknown suspects.


The senseless killing of Bukile Ndandani, a tavern owner, has left his family shattered.

The incident, which occurred during a robbery at their home, highlights the ongoing issue of violence and crime in the community.

Authorities are actively investigating the case and urging anyone with relevant information to come forward and assist in bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Source: IOL


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