Controversy Arises as Sex Workers Operate at Mamelodi Cemetery

Cemeteries are traditionally considered sacred and respected places, but in the B3 Mamelodi area of Tshwane, residents are expressing concern over the activities happening on their ancestors’ graves.

S*x workers have reportedly been operating in the cemetery, offering their services under trees and even on top of tombstones.

One s*x worker, speaking to Daily Sun, explained that they had shifted their business to the cemetery to avoid unwanted attention from law enforcement on the main road.

They now target grieving men and individuals who live in close proximity to the graveyard.

According to the s*x worker, the men who frequent the cemetery are often depressed and in pain after losing their loved ones. They advertise their services discreetly when people come to clean the graves of their family members.

While some people have complained about their presence, the s*x workers argue that they are simply trying to make a living. They claim that they ensure the tombstones are left clean after their encounters and responsibly dispose of used condoms.

However, concerned residents have voiced their fears about visiting the gravesite due to the presence of s*x workers. They worry about potential theft and a loss of safety in the area.

The situation has sparked controversy, as it raises questions about respect for the sacredness of cemeteries and the well-being of individuals visiting their loved ones’ graves.

Local authorities and community members may need to address this issue to find a suitable resolution that upholds both the dignity of the cemetery and the safety of those who visit. – Daily Sun


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