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DJ Tira and Ngizwe Mchunu’s Fallout: Reasons Behind the Conflict Revealed

DJ Tira and Ngizwe Mchunu, both prominent figures in the music industry, have been involved in a public fallout that has garnered significant attention.

The reasons behind their conflict have been a topic of discussion among their fans and followers, as their disagreements continue to play out on social media.

Unveiling the Reasons for the Fallout:

The catalyst for DJ Tira and Ngizwe Mchunu’s fallout can be traced back to a video clip shared by Mchunu on social media.

In the video, which quickly gained traction and generated numerous reactions, Ngizwe accused DJ Tira of jealousy and hindering the progress of up-and-coming artists.

Ngizwe’s remarks directed at DJ Tira included allegations of serving tainted beverages and an assertion that not everything should revolve around him.

DJ Tira’s Response:

Initially, DJ Tira chose not to dignify Ngizwe’s baseless claims with a response. However, in a recent development reported by Daily Sun, DJ Tira expressed his expectation for Ngizwe to offer an apology.

The encounter between the two took place at the Nkosinathi Mcabangelwa Cele Tournament in Eshobeni.

DJ Tira allegedly ignored Ngizwe during the event, which escalated into a verbal confrontation.

The event organizer reportedly confirmed the incident.

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DJ Tira clarified that he no longer has any association with Ngizwe.

Expressing His Feelings:

DJ Tira elaborated on his decision to confront Ngizwe, stating that when he saw him, he could not pretend that everything was fine between them.

Seizing the opportunity presented at the event, DJ Tira expressed his dissatisfaction with Ngizwe’s previous actions.

This included refusing to engage in laughter or take photos with Ngizwe.


The fallout between DJ Tira and Ngizwe Mchunu has gained considerable attention, with the reasons for their conflict becoming clearer.

Ngizwe’s accusations and DJ Tira’s response have contributed to the ongoing tension between the two.

As their public feud continues, fans and followers eagerly anticipate any further developments in this unfolding saga.


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