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REMATCH – Priddy Ugly Recounts Boxing Match with Cassper Nyovest: “He Just Hit Me”

Rapper Priddy Ugly, whose real name is Ricardo Moloi, recently shared details of his boxing match with fellow South African rapper Cassper Nyovest, also known as Refiloe Maele Phoolo.

During an interview on a podcast, Priddy Ugly reflected on the fight and discussed the circumstances surrounding his quick defeat.

Recapping the Boxing Match:

Priddy Ugly opened up about his loss to Cassper Nyovest during an episode of the podcast “Choppin It With Bhuda T.”

Cassper Nyovest emerged as the winner within the first two minutes of the first round.

During the podcast, Priddy Ugly attributed his quick defeat to various factors, including insufficient time for preparation and a lack of proper training techniques due to the limited preparation period.

Priddy Ugly shared, “He reaches out to me and is like, ‘Yo, I’m gonna say some stuff on Twitter [and] I need you to respond. Let’s just see what people are saying.’

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Eventually, we announced the fight, and then I had to do a lot of stuff behind the scenes that people don’t know.

This is four weeks before the fight; fight preparation.

The weakest thing that I had coming into the fight was getting told your head movement is weak, man.”

The rapper further explained, “He didn’t even have to do much. He just hit me directly in the face. You know what I’m saying? And, it kept happening.”

The Fight and Reactions:

The boxing match between the two rappers took place at the Sun Bet Arena in Pretoria on October 1, 2022.

Following the fight, Cassper Nyovest mentioned that Priddy Ugly was the easiest opponent to arrange the fight with and expressed appreciation for his willingness to participate.

However, Priddy Ugly faced backlash and criticism on social media after his loss.

In response, he addressed his haters and trolls in a lengthy post, urging them to embrace humor and not take life too seriously.



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