Episode 2 of Rosemary’s Hitlist reveals Rosemary Ndlovu’s shocking killing spree and spending habits

The second episode of the gripping documentary series, Rosemary’s Hitlist, has provided chilling insights into the heinous crimes committed by former police officer Rosemary Ndlovu.

With a trail of murders involving multiple family members, including her partner, Ndlovu’s dark secrets have captivated viewers.

Who is Rosemary Ndlovu?

Rosemary Ndlovu, a former police officer in Tembisa South, orchestrated the disturbing deaths of six family members, exploiting fraudulent life insurance policies she had set up.

The Real Rosemary

In 2021, she was convicted and sentenced to six concurrent life terms for the murders, as well as an additional 30 years for fraud and incitement to commit murder.

Ndlovu also faced charges for attempting to kill her mother, sister, and sister’s children.

Episode 2 Recap: Unveiling Disturbing Revelations

Killing Spree:

Sergeant Keshi Mabunda, the lead investigator, revealed that Rosemary Ndlovu embarked on a killing spree spanning from 2012 to 2018. Her victims included:

  • Cousin Madala Witness Homu, brutally beaten and stoned in 2012.
  • Sister Audrey Ndlovu, poisoned through her tea in 2013.
  • Niece Zanele Motha, who suffered unexplained internal injuries while under Rosemary’s care in 2013.
  • Partner Maurice Mabaso, brutally stabbed 76 times in 2015.
  • Nephew Mayeni Mashaba, shot dead after a meeting with Rosemary in 2017.
  • Another nephew, Brilliant Mashego.

Each family member had multiple life insurance policies taken out in their names, with Rosemary listed as the beneficiary.

The policies were obtained shortly before their murders, adding a sinister dimension to the crimes.

Bizarre Behavior:

Authorities noted Rosemary Ndlovu’s peculiar conduct, which aroused suspicion among those close to her. Her actions included:

  • Persuading family members to acquire life insurance policies.
  • Listing herself as the beneficiary, despite the deceased individuals having their own dependents.
  • Manipulating crime scenes, such as rinsing a cup used to poison her sister.
  • Presenting herself as a family member to the police, even before the deceased had been identified.
  • Exhibiting uncontrollable crying and fainting spells, often before foul play was suspected.
  • Claiming ignorance regarding her infant daughter’s fatal internal injuries in 2017.

Spending Spree:

Ndlovu’s station commander revealed that she was indebted to over 15 loan sharks. To evade payment, she frequently called in sick at the end of each month. Additionally, Rosemary had a gambling addiction and was known to spend substantial sums of money at a time.

The revelations unveiled in Episode 2 of Rosemary’s Hitlist shed further light on the horrifying actions of Rosemary Ndlovu.

Her calculated murders, financial deceit, and erratic behavior have both shocked and captivated audiences.As the documentary delves deeper into her disturbing story, viewers are left with a mix of disbelief and morbid fascination.


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