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SAD: Bianca explains what led to Riky Rick’s depression and suicide

Bianca Naidoo, the wife of the late Riky Rick, has opened up about the rapper’s mental health struggles following his death on February 23, 2022, at the age of 34.

Riky Rick had been battling depression for several years, and in a recent interview, Bianca shed light on the factors that contributed to his depression.

According to Bianca, Riky Rick had a strong desire to make a difference and felt a constant need to do more than he was already doing.

She believes that he may have felt like he wasn’t accomplishing enough, which caused him significant pain.

The state of the country and the music industry also weighed heavily on him, as he struggled to reconcile with some of the troubling events happening around him.

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These worldly issues added to his burden and affected his mental well-being.

Bianca also revealed that Riky Rick had faced challenges with addiction throughout his life. Although he had periods of successful recovery, he experienced a relapse towards the end.

This setback deeply affected him and made him feel like he had failed. However, Bianca emphasized that they stood by him during those difficult moments, offering him immense love and support, even when he doubted his own worthiness of it.

The interview provides a glimpse into Riky Rick’s internal struggles and the complex factors that contributed to his mental health challenges.


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