Mpumalanga man talks about being abducted after his house was broken into

Man Recounts Abduction Following House Robbery in Mpumalanga.

A man from Mbombela, Mpumalanga, has shared his harrowing experience of being abducted by an armed man after a robbery at his home.

Rodney Haywood (51) expressed gratitude that both he and his elderly mother are safe following the traumatic incident.

Haywood narrated that upon arriving home from work around 18:20, he heard a noise behind him as he was about to open the door after unlocking the security gate.

He turned around to find a man holding a gun, who then struck him on the head with it. Despite Haywood’s plea for his mother not to open the door, the suspect ordered her to do so, and she complied.

They were both forced inside, with Haywood being instructed to lie on the floor.

The robber demanded money and bank cards from the pair, but they informed him that they had no cash and that Haywood had left his bank cards at work.

Haywood emphasized the health condition of his mother, who requires dialysis three times a week due to kidney failure, and pleaded for her well-being.

The suspect allowed her to sit on the couch but threatened to kill Haywood.

Haywood and his mother begged the suspect to take whatever he wanted without causing harm.

The robber instructed Haywood to open his banking app and transfer money to his mother’s account. He then ordered Haywood to load their televisions, laptops, and other valuables into his car.

The suspect tied up Haywood’s mother, and Haywood was ordered to drive while the suspect sat in the passenger seat, holding a knife against his ribs.

The suspect directed Haywood toward Karino, a location just outside the city. Eventually, the suspect ordered Haywood to stop on a dirt path near a filling station in Karino.

He instructed Haywood to unload the stolen items into nearby bushes. Haywood noticed another white bakkie arriving, which turned out to be the suspect’s accomplices.

Haywood was then told to get into the car’s boot to prevent him from seeing the others.

After hearing the accomplices drive away, presumably with the stolen goods, Haywood was released from the boot to assist the suspect in starting his car.

The suspect informed him that he was going to withdraw money and forced Haywood back into the boot. However, Haywood managed to escape and ran onto the main road, where he was found by members of AfriForum.

Security companies such as Hi-Tech Security, Securicon Lowveld, and Divergent Ops also arrived at the scene. He received medical attention for the head wound he sustained during the ordeal.

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Haywood later discovered that his mother had managed to free herself and ran out onto the street to seek help.

People had already begun searching for Haywood.

He expressed his gratitude to AfriForum and the security companies for their prompt response and assistance.

Lappies Labuschagne from Hi-Tech Security and Callum MacPherson from Securicon Lowveld confirmed the incident, and the police were also present at the scene, according to Haywood. Mpumalanga police spokesperson Colonel Donald Mdhluli stated that he is currently gathering information about the incident and will provide further comment later. – Citizen


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