Meet a graduate of the University of Venda who gets up at 2:00 every day to make mud bricks

In a country plagued by high unemployment rates, one recent University of Venda graduate is taking a bold step to create opportunities for herself and her community.

Monica, a resident of Limpopo province, has embarked on a journey as an entrepreneur, specializing in the production of mud bricks.

Each day, she rises at the impressive hour of 2:00 AM to tirelessly craft and sell bricks that cater to the local market’s demands.

Realizing that her family’s income alone would not suffice, Monica chose to forge her own path rather than wait for employment opportunities.

With a deep commitment to her town’s success and the growth of small businesses, Monica aims to provide a reliable solution for construction projects by distributing her bricks throughout the neighborhood.

Monica’s entrepreneurial spirit and unwavering dedication have garnered widespread admiration and support from her community.

Her story serves as an inspiration to other young people facing the challenges of unemployment, encouraging them to take initiative and create their own opportunities.


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