What will happen to Pitsi next in Skeem Saam?

In the latest episode of Skeem Saam, viewers were left in shock as Pitsi, portrayed by actor Molefi Monaisa, was accidentally shot by Bushang, one of Magongwa’s children.

The incident occurred after Rathebe, Magongwa’s girlfriend and the suspected Turfloop serial killer, buried a gun in their yard.

As Magongwa’s eldest son discovered the hidden firearm, Pitsi and Bushang stumbled upon it while playing.

Tragically, Bushang removed the trigger and unintentionally shot Pitsi.

The intense scene unfolded as emergency services were called, and Mapitsi, Pitsi’s mother, rushed to the hospital to find her child fighting for his life.

The emotional episode left viewers heartbroken, reflecting on the fear every parent dreads.

Many expressed their deep sympathy and even shed tears during the poignant moments shared between Mapitsi and Meikie, emphasizing the stellar performances of the cast.

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While Pitsi’s future on Skeem Saam remains uncertain, fans of the show are hopeful that this isn’t the end for his character.

Pitsi has garnered a significant following, and his presence in the series is cherished by many.

As the storyline unfolds, viewers eagerly await further developments and the fate of Pitsi in Skeem Saam.


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