Sizokthola Latest Episode – Drug Dealer Shifts Responsibility to ANC and Unemployment

After being exposed by Xolani Khumalo on Sizokthola last night, a drug dealer blames the ANC and unemployment.

In the latest episode of Sizokthola, Xolani Khumalo and his team exposed a young drug dealer who claimed to be involved in the illicit trade due to unemployment and economic difficulties. However, the dealer shifted blame to the ANC government and illegal immigration as contributing factors to the country’s challenges.

The young drug dealer argued that while many youths struggle to find employment and resort to crime for survival, politicians are allegedly misusing funds intended for infrastructure projects that could generate more job opportunities.

He criticized the ANC government for their purported failure to address the issue of illegal immigration, which further impacts employment prospects for South Africans.

The current state of the South African economy is a cause for concern, with illegal immigrants potentially occupying job positions that could be filled by unemployed South Africans.

This situation has been accompanied by a rise in crime rates across the country.


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