52-Year-Old Man Threatens to Divorce His Wife After Looking at Her Facebook Account

Kenyan Man Gets Angry When He Sees His Wife's Relationship Status on Facebook

A Kenyan man recently took to social media to express his frustration and shock after discovering that his wife’s Facebook profile indicated she was single.

The man, who doesn’t use Facebook himself, was informed by someone else about his wife’s relationship status on the platform.

In a post on Reddit, the man shared his disbelief upon checking his wife’s profile and seeing that it indeed listed her as single.

He confronted her about it via text message, jokingly referring to her as a “single lady.” However, her response was to hide the relationship status on her profile.

The man, contemplating the situation, questioned whether it was a midlife crisis or if he should consider divorce.

As a result of this unexpected discovery, the man decided not to return home that night and opted to stay at their second home until their children completed their midterms at school.


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