Investigation Launched into Alleged Assault by VIP Protection Unit on Man “Blocking” Road

An investigation has been started into a claim that a VIP protection unit beat a man who was "blocking" the road.

Pretoria, July 3, 2023 – The South African Police Service (SAPS) has initiated an investigation into an alleged assault involving members of a VIP protection unit. The incident reportedly occurred when a man was blocking the road, leading to a confrontation with the police officers.

According to witness accounts and circulating video footage, the man was seen obstructing the road, prompting the police officers to confront him.

The situation escalated, resulting in an alleged assault by the officers belonging to the VIP protection unit.


SAPS management has taken immediate action to trace the victims and obtain their statements, while an internal departmental inquiry is underway.

Preliminary findings indicate that the vehicles shown in the video belong to the SAPS, and the individuals involved in the incident are indeed SAPS members.

The conduct displayed in the video is in direct contradiction to the values and code of conduct of the SAPS, which emphasizes integrity, professionalism, accountability, and respect for human rights.

General Fannie Masemola, the National Commissioner of the SAPS, has strongly condemned the behavior exhibited by these members.

He emphasized that SAPS members are entrusted with upholding and safeguarding the fundamental rights of every individual, and exercising their powers responsibly and with restraint. Such actions, regardless of the circumstances, cannot be tolerated.

As part of the investigation, the SAPS encourages the victims of the alleged assault, who were inside a Blue VW Polo with registration number NKR31822, to come forward and assist in tracking and identifying the members of the VIP protection unit involved.

The SAPS has designated Brigadier Athlenda Mathe as the point of contact for the victims, and they are encouraged to reach out to her at 0820408808 for investigative purposes.

Many social media users are demanding that the individuals involved in the assault be arrested and held accountable for their actions. There is a growing sentiment that such acts of brutality should not go unpunished.


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