Why Some Farmers Hire Illegal Foreigners Instead of South Africans?

Farmer Explains Why He Employs Illegal Foreign Workers Rather Than South Africans

In a recent tweet, a statement from a farmer has brought attention to the reasons why he allegedly hires illegal foreigners instead of South African workers.

According to the tweet shared by McKenzie, the farmer expressed concerns about the financial difficulties associated with hiring local workers due to taxes and labor rights.

The farmer’s perspective suggests that complying with labor regulations and providing fair wages and benefits to South African workers might impose a significant financial burden on businesses.

The implication is that some employers, including this particular farmer, find it more financially viable to hire undocumented immigrants, potentially due to lower labor costs and reduced tax obligations.

McKenzie goes on to say that some businesspeople who support the rights of undocumented immigrants might be doing so primarily out of self-interest and to ensure the survival of their own companies.

This suggests that helping undocumented workers might be advantageous for some business owners, enabling them to keep their operations profitable despite difficult economic conditions.

This tweet presents a point of view, and that view might not be shared by all farmers or business owners.


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