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Why “Tshidi,” also known as Letoya Makhene, left “Generations: The Legacy”

Letoya Makhene's Decision to Leave 'Generations: The Legacy' Explained

Letoya Makhene, known for her role as Tshidi Phakade on ‘Generations: The Legacy’, has shed light on her decision to depart from the popular soapie.

The actress clarified that her departure was not due to any animosity but rather a desire to explore other avenues and improve her overall quality of life.

Makhene expressed her passion for the film industry and her intention to focus on projects outside of the soapie. She emphasized that while she appreciated the platform and enjoyed her time on ‘Generations: The Legacy’, the demanding schedule and long working hours took a toll on her personal life.

Recognizing her diverse talents as a singer, traditional healer, and songwriter, Makhene felt the need to explore and develop her other creative abilities. She wanted to give herself time and space to grow both personally and professionally.

The character of Tshidi was significant and writers often showed enthusiasm in crafting her storylines. However, the role required an immense amount of commitment, leaving Makhene with limited time for herself and her other talents.

With her departure from the soapie, she did not intend to cease her acting career but rather sought opportunities that aligned better with her personal growth and aspirations.

Makhene highlighted the importance of personal and financial independence in the entertainment industry, where actors often work as freelancers without long-term contracts.

By branching out and building her own empire, she aimed to provide for her family and create a sustainable future for herself and her children.

Ultimately, Makhene’s decision to leave ‘Generations: The Legacy’ was driven by a desire for personal growth, work-life balance, and the pursuit of opportunities that would leave a lasting impact on her life and the lives of her loved ones.


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