Illegal Immigrants Arrested at MTN Rank in the Past Seven Days Prepare for Imminent Deportation

Crackdown on Illegal Immigration: Over 100 Arrested at MTN Rank Face Imminent Deportation

In a bid to address concerns of lawlessness and unemployment, the Department of Home Affairs is intensifying efforts to curb the influx of illegal immigrants into South Africa.

Recent operations have targeted the presence of foreign nationals, as they are believed to contribute to rising crime rates and unemployment in the country.

Responding to the demands of South African citizens, who attribute the issue of youth unemployment to the presence of illegal immigrants, the government is taking action. These immigrants often accept low-paying jobs, leading to perceived competition for employment opportunities.

Over the weekend, a joint operation involving the South Africa Police Service, Crime Prevention Wardens, Department of Home Affairs, and Johannesburg Metropolitan Police department took place at the popular MTN Rank in Johannesburg.

The operation resulted in the arrest of over 100 illegal immigrants who were residing and working in the country without proper documentation.

Department of Home Affairs is diligently processing the arrested individuals to facilitate their deportation to their respective countries. The department is in the final stages of sorting out the offenders for swift action.

This development follows a recent ruling by the High Court in Pretoria, which nullified the Department of Home Affairs’ decision to cancel the controversial Zimbabwe exemption permit. The court decision adds to the ongoing discussions surrounding immigration policies and enforcement measures in South Africa.

As the Department of Home Affairs continues its efforts to address illegal immigration, the government aims to restore order and enhance opportunities for South African citizens.

The deportation of those arrested serves as a reminder of the authorities’ commitment to maintaining law and order while addressing the concerns of the public.


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