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Prince Buthelezi Breaks Silence Amid Confusion Over Zulu King's Health

In the midst of conflicting statements regarding the health of Zulu King Misuzulu, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, the Zulu monarch’s traditional prime minister, has decided to provide clarity on the matter. The confusion arose after the suspicious death of the King’s senior induna, Douglas Xaba, leading to suspicions of poisoning.

Initially, Buthelezi had informed the nation that the King was receiving medical attention in the hospital due to concerns of possible poisoning. However, Prince Africa Zulu, a spokesperson for the royal house, issued a statement denying these claims. According to Prince Africa, the King was visiting his uncle in Eswatini and had undergone routine checkups at a hospital.

In response, Prince Buthelezi vehemently disputed Prince Africa’s statement, asserting that the King had indeed received medical attention at the eZulwini Private Hospital in Eswatini. He further revealed that he had approached the Swazis, particularly Prince Vumile, to facilitate the King’s urgent transfer to Eswatini for medical treatment.

Prince Buthelezi clarified that the purpose of his announcement was to fulfill his duties as the traditional prime minister and inform the nation. He expressed disappointment in the conflicting statements from Prince Africa, emphasizing the importance of consistent communication during times of uncertainty.

When contacted for clarification, Prince Africa admitted that the King had undergone hospital checkups following Xaba’s mysterious death. However, he later released a statement claiming that the King was in Eswatini for a visit and routine checkups.

Prince Africa acknowledged that there should be a designated head of communication within the royal house to prevent misinformation. He recognized his responsibility to release official statements regarding the King’s condition.

Amidst the confusion, Prince Buthelezi aims to provide accurate updates and ensure transparency regarding the Zulu King’s health.

Source: Daily Sun


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