VIDEO: Heavily Armed Nigerians Protest Against Mistreatment by South Africans in Johannesburg

Nigerians protest in Johannesburg against how South Africans treat them badly

Tensions between Nigerian nationals and South African citizens in Johannesburg have reached a critical point, leading to protests and growing concerns about the well-being of foreign nationals living in the country.

Despite government efforts to restore peace and stability, the issue continues to escalate.

Under the banners of Operation Dudula and Put South Africa First Movement, South Africans have been calling for the repatriation of foreign nationals, alleging their involvement in various criminal activities that pose a threat to society.

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In a recent video that has surfaced, a group of Nigerians can be seen protesting against the mistreatment they have faced from South Africans in Johannesburg. They express frustration at being unfairly targeted without just cause.

In the video, the protesters talk about their worries and say that they will fight back if attacks on innocent immigrants keep happening.

The South Africa Police Service and the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department were at the scene to try to stop the situation from getting worse.


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