Illegal miners reveal their underground world, including spirits and how they cook

Getting to know the underground world of illegal miners and how they stay alive

Illegal mining, a criminal activity involving the extraction of natural resources such as gold, copper, and silver without authorization, has been a persistent issue for many years.

With high unemployment rates and migration, numerous individuals find themselves working illegally as miners in foreign countries for their livelihood.

In South Africa alone, there are over 5800 abandoned mines, contributing to the growing number of illegal miners. The process of illegal mining goes beyond simply extracting minerals. It involves taking risks and adapting to life underground or in mining pits for several days until the desired minerals are obtained.

Recently, a video surfaced on Twitter showcasing the survival techniques employed by illegal miners during their underground operations.

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One fascinating aspect revealed in the video is how these miners manage to cook underground.

They bring groceries, pots, and fire equipment, essentially creating a makeshift home. Rather than purchasing food from regular grocery stores, they rely on supplies available near the mining pit. However, these supplies come at inflated prices, with cold drinks costing three times the average amount found in legitimate stores.

Additionally, one of the miners, known as a “Zama zama,” emphasized the significance of connecting with the underground spirits believed to be the guardians of the land.

This spiritual connection is seen as an important aspect of their mining activities.

The video provides insight into the unusual and difficult lifestyle of illegal miners.

Source: OperaNews


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