VIDEO: Man Takes Matters into His Own Hands, Punishes Thieves with Black Oil

After thieves broke into his house, a man poured black oil on them

A video has gone viral on TikTok and Twitter, showing a man taking matters into his own hands when dealing with thieves who broke into his home.

The video has garnered significant attention and sparked a range of reactions from viewers.

Two men, slick with black oil from head to toe, are seen in the footage strolling through a residential area. As they walk down the street, the homeowner is asking them questions in the background.

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Many viewers of the video were amused and relieved to see the thieves get what they deserved.


Social media users have expressed a variety of viewpoints.

Some believe that such punishments can serve as a deterrent, preventing criminals from committing similar crimes in the future. Others, however, have expressed reservations about the approach’s long-term effectiveness and the risk of escalating violence.


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