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DJ Sbu responds to the claim that he doesn’t own the Mofaya brand

DJ Sbu's Response to Claims of Ownership Regarding the Mofaya Brand

DJ Sbu has addressed the controversy surrounding the ownership of the Mofaya brand following Miss SA’s announcement of it as her official sponsor.

Expressing his excitement about the deal, the businessman stated, “Ignite your mind with complex possibilities, an iconic institution like Miss South Africa. Miss South Africa 2023 has officially partnered with Mofaya. I am very humbled, and I hope you guys are inspired by our journey. We’re looking forward to seeing our young girls go for their dreams. We’d like to thank Mofaya.”

However, some social media users have raised doubts about his ownership of the brand.

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In response to these claims, Sbu clarified, “I’d like to confirm and say you are correct. It definitely isn’t mine because Mofaya is yours. I’m okay with that. You can call me a brand ambassador, a hustler, an entrepreneur. Ultimately, language is man-made. I’m just proud of the team at Mofaya.”

He further acknowledged all the co-founders, past and present, and the entire team behind Mofaya, including those selling and buying the product.

He emphasized how Mofaya has served as an inspiration for entrepreneurship in South Africa, encouraging individuals to pursue their dreams relentlessly.

Sbu expressed his pride in being part of the journey and witnessing the positive impact the brand has had on the entrepreneurial culture in the country.


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