WATCH: Disturbing CCTV Footage Shows Violent Kidnapping of Bangladeshi Businessman

Violent kidnapping captured on disturbing CCTV footage: Bangladeshi businessman

A shocking incident of kidnapping unfolded in Amalinda, East London, Eastern Cape, as captured by a CCTV camera.

The footage reveals the terrifying moment when a group of four armed men targeted a Bangladeshi businessman and swiftly executed their criminal act.

Within seconds, the attackers pulled out guns, so the victim had no choice but to do what they said because he was afraid for his life. The criminals’ arrogance shows how dangerous and easy it is to commit these kinds of crimes.

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After overpowering the victim, the kidnappers forcibly took him away, leaving behind a stunned and terrified community.

Unfortunately, it still poses a significant challenge for law enforcement to act quickly to find the offenders and ensure the kidnapped person’s safe return.


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