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Nadia Nakai and Murdah Bongz Celebrate Kairo Forbes on Her 8th Birthday

Kairo Forbes's 8th birthday is a big deal for Nadia Nakai and Murdah Bongz!

As Kairo Forbes turns 8 years old today, musicians Nadia Nakai and Murdah Bongz take to social media to celebrate the birthday of the young star.

Nadia Nakai shares a lovely post dedicated to Kairo, expressing her love and wishing her a wonderful day. She eagerly anticipates seeing Kairo and showering her with affection.

Murdah Bongz, husband of DJ Zinhle, also joins in the celebration, expressing his deep affection for Kairo.

He acknowledges the joy that Kairo brings to his life and the motivation she provides for him to fulfill his promises. He describes her as special and thanks her for making their relationship easy and filled with love. Murdah Bongz also recognizes the pride Kairo’s father holds for her. He concludes by expressing his love for Kairo and wishing her a happy birthday.

The heartfelt messages from Nadia Nakai and Murdah Bongz highlight the special bond they share with Kairo Forbes.

As she reaches the milestone of turning 8, Kairo continues to bring joy and love to those around her.


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