#OperationRestore – JMPD and AmaPanyama Tackle Illegal Businesses, Leaving Illegal Immigrants Shaken

The JMPD and AmaPanyama Attacks Have Shaken Businesses Owned by Illegal Aliens

Illegal immigrants in Johannesburg found themselves in a state of shock as the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) and AmaPanyama embarked on a rigorous cleanup operation targeting their illicit enterprises.

The bustling Bree Taxi Rank became the focal point of a viral video capturing the nation’s attention, showcasing government officials determined to put an end to the prevalent illegal activities that had plagued the area for far too long.

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These illegal businesses, primarily run by undocumented migrants from Southern African countries, had exploited regulatory loopholes to engage in unlawful practices, including the sale of counterfeit goods and dangerous substances.


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