Whistleblower Sharing Assault Video Linked to Deputy President’s VIP Protection Team Faces Death Threats

A person who posted a video of an assault that was linked to the Deputy President's VIP Protection Team is now getting death threats.

A shocking incident involving the assault of motorists by members of Deputy President Paul Mashatile’s VIP protection team has taken a distressing turn. The individual responsible for sharing video footage of the brutal assault has now become the target of death threats.

Police have acknowledged the seriousness of the situation and are urging the victim to come forward and file a formal case.

The Assault and Video Footage:

Video footage capturing a group of individuals believed to be part of Deputy President Mashatile’s VIP protection team engaging in a violent assault on motorists in Johannesburg has gone viral.


The disturbing footage has sparked public outrage, shedding light on the abuse of power and brutality exhibited by those entrusted with protecting high-ranking officials.

Targeted for Sharing the Video:

In a chilling development, the individual responsible for sharing the video has been subjected to death threats. This alarming situation underscores the dangers surrounding the case, as those involved appear determined to silence potential witnesses and prevent the truth from emerging. Police are urging the victim to come forward and formally report the threats, emphasizing the gravity of the situation.

Viral Video Exposing Misconduct:

The widespread circulation of the video has played a pivotal role in exposing the misconduct of the Deputy President’s VIP protection team. It has sparked public outcry and demands for accountability. The incident has ignited a broader conversation about the abuse of power within law enforcement agencies and the urgent need for transparency and justice.

Ensuring Safety and Protecting Whistleblowers:

The safety and well-being of the whistleblower facing death threats are paramount. Law enforcement agencies must provide adequate protection and support to ensure their safety.


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