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Half Nud3 photos of Jessica Mbangeni have shocked her fans

Fans are shocked by Jessica Mbangeni's 'explicit' pictures

JESSICA Mbangeni’s half-naked photos have divided social media.

In the photos, the poet and bishop is wearing a swimsuit and one of the photos is captioned: “It’s a Swim Wear Weekend right here in Dubai. Catch the fire.”

Her fans flooded her page with compliments, but some of them lashed her for exposing her body.

Anele Mashalaba wrote: “I love that you own up and are very confident in your body. Ignore the haters. For me, it’s because of your positions. You said you’re a bishop and a bishop cannot expose her body like this. It’s good but not for you because you chose to be a bishop. Cover yourself for the sake of your position.”

But Jessica could not be bothered and hit back, saying: “I always share swimwear pictures when I am in the pool or on the beach. I never had a fear of body shaming. As soon as I saw the dirty comments I decided to share the professional pictures that I took after winning a Muscle Mania Africa Champion of Transformation to show them that there is holistic depth on my confidence about who I am.

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“Confidence of appearance starts with the mindset which for me is awareness of a progressive growth on how I relate to my body by positioning it within a lifestyle that serves me as a woman, busy artist and a mother.”

She said that haters are possessed by self-hatred.

“It is sad how toxins have ruined the heart, mind and souls of the people across the world. Toxic people are wounded by the deep sores and traumas of decades.”

Jessica said this would have triggered her to commit suicide if she had anxiety or mental issues.

“Being a bishop is such a blessing. My soul radiates through my body. I look at my body and say glory to God for this holy temple that lives in holy of holies and communicates with God in different dimensions.

“Let no one interrupt me while on my holistic alignment in the desert where powerful prayers of Jesus Christ were once challenged by the devil,” she told Daily Sun.

Jessica encouraged people to wear less when they are in the water.

“Wear your swimsuit with confidence and change the status quo. All human bodies are beautiful,” she said.

Source: Daily Sun


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