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Trevor Noah’s Mother Allegedly Owes SARS R50 Million in Unpaid Taxes

It is said that Trevor Noah's mother owes SARS R50 million in back taxes

South African comedian Trevor Noah’s mother, Patricia Noah, is reportedly facing a substantial tax debt to the South African Revenue Service (SARS), with the amount owed now totaling over R50 million. While Trevor Noah enjoys international success with his comedy career and accolades, his mother’s tax woes have drawn attention and concern.

According to City Press, Patricia Noah has received a second letter of demand from SARS, dated 6 July, instructing her to pay an outstanding amount of R26,902,878.47. This comes after SARS previously issued a letter of demand in November of the previous year for an outstanding debt of R24 million.

The reported total of R50 million that Patricia Noah owes to SARS has doubled since last year, creating a significant financial burden. As the owner of PN Noah Estates, her business assets have been at risk of being attached and sold by SARS to offset the debt.

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The 6 July letter of demand warns of potential actions that SARS may take if full payment or alternative arrangements are not made. These actions include appointing a third party who owes money to Patricia or holds money for her, in order to settle the tax debt.

The letter also outlines the option for Patricia to apply for a reduction in the amount owed based on her and her dependants’ basic living expenses, or, if applicable, based on serious financial hardship.



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