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VIDEO: Outrage as Busta 929 Faces Calls for Arrest in Alleged Teenager Violation

Mzansi wants Busta 929 to be arrested for allegedly abusing a teenage girl who is his girlfriend.

South African music producer Busta 929 finds himself at the center of a heated controversy as outraged Mzansi residents call for his arrest.

A video circulating on social media allegedly shows Busta 929 inserting his hands in the private area of his purported 17-year-old girlfriend, identified as Kegomoditswe.

Disturbingly, this is not the first time Busta 929 has faced accusations of engaging in relationships with underage girls.

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Last year, he drew significant criticism for reportedly dating teenagers, raising concerns about his behavior and choices.

The recent video, which quickly went viral, has sparked widespread anger and intensified the calls for Busta 929 to face legal consequences for his alleged actions.

Many individuals are expressing their outrage and demanding justice for the teenager involved.


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