Beware of a New Scam in Durban: Criminals Take Advantage of Innocent Victims (PICS)

Criminals are taking advantage of innocent people in a new scam in Durban.

In our world today, criminals are continuously using their cunning tactics to rob and scam unsuspecting individuals. Every day, we hear stories of people being scammed or robbed of their hard-earned money.

Many people fall victim to these scams because they are lured by the promise of easy money. When offered the opportunity to make quick cash by investing a small amount, they often become vulnerable and fall into the trap. However, it’s true what they say: there is no such thing as easy money.

As people become more aware of the various tricks employed by criminals, scammers have devised new strategies to deceive individuals. Recently, a woman took to social media to warn others about a prevalent scam, particularly in Durban. She explained that a group of individuals collaborates at the mall to execute their fraudulent scheme.

The scam begins when one person pretends to drop a stack of money in front of you. If you pick it up, another person will approach you, claiming that they want a share. They will then persuade you to hide the money and give them any amount of cash you have on hand to prevent the rightful owner of the stash from finding out.

Unfortunately, after you hand over the money, the person will disappear without a trace. The stack of money you picked up turns out to be fake, with the papers resembling real currency.

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Many people have fallen victim to this particular scam, leading to calls for the apprehension of these criminals. However, one of the unfortunate aspects is that if you become a victim, you find yourself in a difficult position to report the incident because you, too, have unknowingly broken the law.

Scams have become a significant concern in South Africa, affecting individuals, businesses, and the overall economy. Scammers employ various tactics to defraud their victims, often capitalizing on trust, financial vulnerabilities, or a lack of awareness.


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