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Lady Zamar Speaks Out Against Online Hate: “How am I supposed to exist in this space?”

Lady Zamar has had enough!

Lady Zamar, the South African singer-songwriter, found herself at the center of controversy after expressing her views on men and relationships. Her comments sparked a wave of backlash from social media users, particularly from fans of afropop star Sjava, who have accused her of falsely accusing him of sexual assault.

It all began when Lady Zamar took to Twitter to share her perspective on a man’s role in a relationship. She tweeted, “Your job as a man is to make sure she never needs another man again.” She further elaborated, stating that what some men consider as their “minimum level of unhappiness” is often perceived as the “maximum effort” they put into the relationship.

The response from online users was overwhelmingly negative, with hateful comments flooding in. Feeling the weight of the criticism, Lady Zamar briefly went silent before returning with a lengthy post questioning the extent of the hate directed towards her.

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She expressed her frustration, stating, “Why do you guys hate me so much? How have I become such an easy target for you?” Lady Zamar went on to address the assumptions and opinions people have formed about her personal life, noting that it has become challenging for her to move on or share her truth without facing further attacks.

Lady Zamar pleaded to be allowed to live her life without constantly having to explain or apologize for her actions and opinions, particularly in matters related to relationships. She questioned the intentions behind the hateful comments and asked what people hope to achieve by perpetuating this negativity.

In a moment of vulnerability, Lady Zamar asked if she should continue apologizing or if she should be pushed to the point of self-harm or despair to satisfy the expectations of her critics. She questioned whether she should give up making music or publicly display her pain to make others understand the impact of what she went through.

Lady Zamar’s heartfelt plea asks for understanding and compassion from those who have relentlessly targeted her. She seeks clarity on how she can navigate this online space and move forward with her life without constantly feeling attacked.


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