Sizokthola exposes 75-year-old Indian man selling Mandrax drug

Sizokthola reveals that an Indian guy who is 75 years old and has been selling mandrax

In a remarkable turn of events, Sizokthola exposes a 75-year-old Indian man who has been selling mandrax, a notorious drug, for a significant portion of his life.

The arrest serves as a powerful statement that age is no barrier when it comes to holding criminals accountable.

Sizokthola continues to fight against illegal activities and shine a light on the dark side of society, led by the determined main character, Xolani Khumalo.

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Sizokthola continues to make a significant impact in the fight against drug dealing and corruption. By bringing criminals to justice, regardless of their age, the show sends a resounding message that no one is above the law.


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