In the Senzo Meyiwa case, Zandie said, “I remember everything.”

Witness Testifies in Senzo Meyiwa Murder Trial, Recounts Emotional Reaction to Accused

In the ongoing trial of the murder of Senzo Meyiwa, a State witness, singer Zandie Khumalo, took the stand at the North Gauteng High Court. During her cross-examination on Thursday, July 20, Zandie shared a powerful account of her emotional reaction upon seeing one of the accused, Bongani Ntanzi, in court.

When Zandie arrived in court, she described how her body, spirit, and vivid memories of the night when Senzo Meyiwa was tragically gunned down resurfaced upon seeing Ntanzi.

This revelation came in response to Ntanzi’s lawyer, Attorney Sipho Ramosepele, questioning whether she had ever seen the accused before.

Ramosepele’s inquiry arose after Zandie had identified Ntanzi as one of the two intruders who invaded their home back in October 2014. To challenge her credibility, Ramosepele referred to a statement compiled by Warrant Officer Steenkamp, suggesting that Zandie had not provided a detailed description of the second suspect.

In response, Zandie explained that at the time of making her initial statements, the shock and trauma of the incident overwhelmed her. However, as time passed, certain details started coming back to her gradually. She emphasized that upon entering the courtroom and seeing Ntanzi, her body, spirit, and all the emotions tied to that fateful night resurfaced.

Ramosepele further pressed Zandie by highlighting discrepancies between her testimony and the statement given to Warrant Officer Steenkamp.

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He pointed out that she did not mention certain features during the identification process. Zandie clarified that when she entered the identification room, others had already provided their descriptions, and she was shown a picture of the accused, confirming his identity.

During the cross-examination, Ramosepele also requested the court to play a TV interview in which Zandie discussed the case. In the interview, Zandie stated that she did not recognize all the suspects and expressed surprise at the discrepancy between the actual number of intruders (two) and the number of suspects mentioned (five). She also raised questions about the 2019 docket’s origins and motives, suggesting that it may have been an attempt to pin blame on those present in the house.

The trial continues as more witnesses provide their testimonies and the search for justice in the murder of Senzo Meyiwa progresses.


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