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Unathi mocked for needing Sizwe Dhlomo’s deleted tweets screenshots

Unathi Nkayi Appeals for Help in Search of Deleted Tweets, Amid Legal Battle

Unathi Nkayi, a prominent South African media personality, is reaching out to the public for assistance in locating screenshots of Sizwe Dhlomo’s deleted tweets.

The two celebrities have been embroiled in a legal dispute following Unathi’s alleged unlawful dismissal from Kaya FM.

In 2021, tensions between Unathi and Sizwe escalated, leading to her eventual departure from the broadcasting company.

In response to the situation, Dhlomo took to social media, sharing audio recordings and email threads in an attempt to clear his name and provide context to the public.

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Now, as the legal battle continues, Unathi is seeking evidence to support her case.

She has called on fellow South Africans to share any screenshots of Sizwe’s deleted tweets that they may have in their possession. These tweets are essential for building her case and substantiating her claims against the radio station.

The deleted tweets are proving elusive, as Sizwe’s account no longer displays them. However, Unathi remains hopeful that the power of social media will aid her in obtaining the necessary evidence.


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