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VIDEO: Cassper Nyovest saved his best friend Carpo More from dying

Cassper Nyovest's Heroic Act: Saving His Friend Solomon Carpo More's Life

Solomon Carpo More, the talented actor and long-time friend of Cassper Nyovest, recently shared a heartwarming story of how the rapper came to his rescue during a life-threatening accident.

In a candid interview on the popular podcast “Popcorn and Cheese,” Carpo revealed the harrowing incident that took place during his mother’s funeral.

Emotions were running high, and a heated argument pushed him to a moment of anger.

In a fit of frustration, he punched a glass surface with his hand, causing severe injury and profuse bleeding.

Without hesitation, Cassper Nyovest sprang into action, demonstrating the depth of their friendship and the caring nature of his character.

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Carpo rushed to Cassper’s side, seeking help and support in his moment of crisis. Nyovest didn’t waste a second and took charge of the situation, ensuring his friend’s safety.

Quickly taking Carpo to the hospital, they faced an unexpected hurdle: Carpo didn’t have medical aid to cover the expensive medical treatment he needed.

Undeterred, Cassper made a selfless decision and pledged to cover all the costs, regardless of the amount. He paid a staggering R130,000 in cash to secure the urgent surgery that could save his friend’s hand and, ultimately, his life.

The doctors who performed the surgery later hailed it as a miracle. Carpo had severed a major vein in his hand during the accident, and the timely intervention and financial support from Cassper Nyovest proved instrumental in his recovery.

The touching incident not only showcases the strong bond between the two artists, but it also serves as a testament to the power of true friendship and the willingness to go to great lengths to help a friend in need.


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