Autopsy of guy who died in custody puts Xolani Khumalo in a lot of trouble

'Swollen and blue': Sizokthola encounter victim's family says he was severely injured.

A tragic incident has left many in shock and seeking answers after it was revealed that a person suspected of drug peddling died following an encounter with Xolani Khumalo and his team from the TV show Sizokthola.

According to sources from News 24, the official autopsy results showed severe injuries to the alleged drug dealer’s neck, chest, and stomach, raising concerns about the circumstances surrounding the encounter.

The altercation between the producers of Sizokthola and the man from Gauteng resulted in a devastating loss of life.

Loved ones of the deceased have learned from the autopsy report that he suffered significant injuries to critical areas of his body, leaving them wondering how he ended up in such a state.

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As the news of the incident spread, people have become curious about the details of the confrontation and what led to the tragic outcome.


‘Swollen and blue’: Sizokthola encounter victim’s family says he was severely injured.

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Witnesses to the encounter are eager to understand the events that unfolded, seeking clarity on what caused the injuries that ultimately claimed the life of the alleged drug dealer.


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