Gloria – “Haibo, I’m not too old to be pregnant”

In the TV drama series Scandal!, Gloria’s pregnancy news has taken an unexpected turn, revealing that the baby belongs to her ex-husband, Abel, not her current boyfriend, Caiphus.

Caiphus, despite the shocking revelation, is excited about becoming a father. However, the truth of Gloria’s infidelity remains a ticking time bomb that could jeopardize their relationship.

Caiphus’s love for Gloria is deep and sacrificial, as he went to jail to protect her from the Kubeka family’s scheme.

Their love story has been filled with trials and challenges, and he hopes that the truth about Gloria’s baby won’t add more pain to their journey.

Gloria’s friend, Rorisang, advises her to consider getting an abortion to avoid further complications, but Gloria is torn between her emotions and practicality. She must decide whether to confess the truth or carry the weight of her lies.

Meanwhile, Phakamile’s brother, Mbuso, returns from juvenile prison with promises of change. However, he faces pressure from a gangster named Zorro, who demands that he repay a debt.

Mbuso is determined to provide for his family but suspects hidden motives behind Jojo’s help in paying for their sister’s school fees.

The situation puts him at risk of being dragged back into a life of crime.


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