Malema replies to struggle song outrage: “I will sing ‘Kill the Boer’ as and when I please”

EFF Leader Julius Malema Defends Singing of Controversial Song, Sparks Public Debate

Following the last Sizokthola episode, South Africans expressed their pain over the singing of the controversial song “Kill the Boer” during the EFF’s 10th-anniversary celebrations.

EFF leader Julius Malema responded to the public debate, asserting his right to sing the song as he pleases. He referenced the Equality Court’s previous acquittal of him on hate speech charges related to the song, emphasizing that it is a struggle chant.

Malema dismissed criticism from AfriForum and the Freedom Front Plus, who have appealed the court’s ruling, and the DA, which reported him to the UN Human Rights Council.

He questioned their sincerity in joining the case when it was first brought before the Equality Court.

The recent singing of the song has sparked controversy and led to criminal cases being opened against Malema.

Additionally, billionaire Elon Musk expressed concern, stating that the song seemed to call for white genocide.

The appeal by AfriForum is set to be heard before the Supreme Court of Appeal on September 4.

The issue has ignited a heated public debate about the song’s historical context, its implications, and the boundaries of free speech in South Africa.


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