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Sonia Mbele Provides Insight into Her Involvement with a Married Man

Sonia Mbele Clarifies Affair Rumors and Speaks about Love and Healing

Sonia Mbele, the producer and actor of Real Housewives of Johannesburg, has addressed rumors of an affair with a married man, businessman Matome Sefalafala.

Social media writer Musa Khawula claimed that Matome’s marriage ended due to his involvement with the former Generations actress.

Sonia denied the allegations, admitting to knowing Matome but refuting any romantic involvement. She expressed her frustration with false information and urged for accurate verification before making accusations.

In an interview with Dineo Ranaka on Dineo On Sex ‘n Stuff, Sonia revealed her single status but remained hopeful about finding love. She candidly shared her past experiences of abuse in her previous relationship and emphasized her determination to break free from harmful patterns.

Sonia’s honesty shed light on her journey of healing and personal growth, offering insights into her resilience and commitment to finding genuine love and happiness.


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