A Sowatan Woman Shot K!lled After Saying “NO” To Dating

R.I.P Mpho Msauli

A family in Soweto is picking up the pieces and attempting to come to grips with the fact that they will never see their daughter again.

This comes after Mpho Msauli, 26 years old, from the Phiri neighbourhood of Soweto, was shot and died on Saturday, July 29.

It is said that Mpho and her companions were strolling when they were approached by a Quantum, and the guys who were in the taxi began making inappropriate comments towards Mpho and her friends.

It is further said that one of the males asked Mpho out on a date, and when she declined, he allegedly pulled out his gun, shot her, and then fled the scene in his vehicle.

According to Mpho’s uncle, Nhlanhla Tshabalala, the community needs to work on improving the children in order to go forward. “Fathers have a responsibility to discipline their sons. “Nothing is done for a boy child so that they will have some sort of path to follow when they are adults,” he explained.

Because the offender has matured and experienced a loss of ubuntu along the way, we can conclude that he is responsible for this crime.

We need to educate people about gender-based violence in a comprehensive manner by working together as a community and teaching them about what it is.

According to Nhlanhla, the community as a whole needed to collaborate more closely with the taxi sector.

In his words:

The passing of Mpho brought to light many secrets. Her sacrifice was not in vain; she deserves to be called a hero. She has brought members of the neighbourhood and the taxi organisation together. This incident is harmful to everyone involved.

Last week, angry members of the community brought their complaints directly to the public square.

Mpho was described as being like a sister and a friend by Sophumelela Mshengu. He stated that she has a great deal of love and respect not only for herself but also for those in her immediate environment.

“And just like that someone decided to play God and put an immediate end to her life.” “Fight Mpho, even if it means doing so from beyond the grave,” he urged.

On August 5th, Mpho was laid to rest following her passing.

When the Daily Sun attempted to get a statement from Soweto taxi services, the drivers told us that they were unable to comment on the situation.

According to the family, they have faith that the police will investigate every lead thoroughly, therefore they have decided to step back and allow them to do their job.

They told the Daily Sun that they were unable to reveal the police case number to the media so that the media could make inquiries with the police because they did not want the case to be put in jeopardy by the media. The Daily Sun made multiple attempts to acquire a statement from the police, but as of the time of publication, they had not answered.

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