South Africa’s Highest Paid DJ Anele Mdoda’s Net Worth

How Much Does Anele Mdoda Earn

When you hear the name Anele Mdoda, you likely associate her with the leading lady of 947. Anele Mdoda has firmly established herself in the radio realm as one of South Africa’s most illustrious and respected figures.

The pioneering PriMedia Broadcasting, owner of 947, has made a substantial investment in Anele Mdoda, marking a first for South Africa.

Anele Mdoda was given a two months break from hosting her popular breakfast show on the station to go abroad to explore new broadcasting and entertainment trends plus interrogating global media practices that will invigorate her show according to 947.

Upon her return Anele Mdoda was treated to a lavish dinner in Sandton attended by her bosses and some media friends and colleagues.

On the 4th of July before she started a show Anele Mdoda was welcomed by PriMedia staff including the management.

As if that was not enough, Anele was presented with a fully furnished “Anele And The Club” room where her and her team will sit to strategies for the show.

The room has Anele Mdoda big posters, couches and coffee machines and not to mention her dressing table.

Anele Mdoda is a big deal right ? Well according to various report her show is the highest grossing show on 947 and with the biggest numbers.

947 make millions in a month and all thanks to Anele Mdoda. The station is the “richest radio station” in South Africa and because of her biggest influence on the brand, Mdoda was given a five year contract with PriMedia Broadcasting which is something that has never been done in SA.

How much does Anele Mdoda bags per month ? Well it hasn’t been exact figures but speculations. If grape-vine is anything to go by, Mdoda is now the highest paid radio personality in South Africa.

She was given a R500 000 monthly paycheck in 2022 when she signed her five year contract.

Anele Mdoda’s journey shows her exceptional radio prowess, which has shaped both the industry and her own path.

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