Woman Falls In Love And Dates Her Daughter’s R@pist

Is This Stockholm Disorder

A woman shares a story on her TikTok account about how her friend had fallen in love with her daughter’s r@pist. She describes this situation as stockholm disorder.

What Is Stockholm Disorder?

Stockholm Syndrome is whereby a victim falls in love with the perpetrator, r@pist, abuser or kidnapper.

This is how she narrated her story: In 2016, a man sexually assaulted her friend’s daughter who was then 13-years-old. The man was arrested and served his time and he was released in 2018.

When he was released from prison, he bought a goat for “ukushweleza” (appeasement) to the family.

The issue started when the mother fell in love with the man who r@ped her child. She then brings the perpetrator into her home where she stays with her daughter.

Whenever this man visited the mother, the daughter would run and hide in her bedroom because she was scared of him.

The mother was enraged to see her daughter react in such a manner because, according to her, the man had served time in prison and bought a goat to apologize for what he had done, and her daughter needed to get over it.

After some time, she decided to prohibit his visits, and she was now the one who was paying her man a visit.

A year later, the girl comes home with the police saying that that man r@ped her again. The man got arrested and he went to jail once more.

You’d think after all this the mother would finally end things with this man, but no. She continued their relationship by going to see him and seeing him regularly while he was in jail.

She is now seeking advice on how to break the news to her daughter that she never ended things with her r@pist and continued to see and communicate with him even after he was imprisoned.

She wanted to ask her daughter if she had a problem dating this man again as he has been recently released from jail.



how must she tell the daughter that she is still seeing the boyfriend and she is in love.??

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