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WATCH: Prince Kaybee Denying Cyan Boujee’s Claims Goes Viral, Threatens to Sue

Prince Kaybee On Suing Cyan Boujee

Cyan blamed Prince Kaybee for the leak of the explicit tape after it went viral on social media.

After hearing Cyan Boujee’s shocking allegations about the leaked adult video, Prince Kaybee has announced that he will sue her.

Inno Morolong relayed to viewers of a video she uploaded to YouTube a conversation she’d had with Prince Kaybee over the phone.

Prince Kaybee lashes out at Inno Morolong in the call because she covered the tea on her channel as well. He tells her he doesn’t know who Cyan is and that he doesn’t have any tape of the two of them together.

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Cyan Boujee comments under Kaybee’s Instagram post and slams him The 15-minute tape caused a stir on Twitter after it got leaked. Cyan took to her Instagram page and said knows who the culprit was.

On Kaybee’s latest Instagram post, she said: “WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME??? FOR YOUR MUSIC PROMO? May God bless you.” 

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