Man Prepares Pap Dish Using Beer

A Man Decides To Make A Full Pot Of Pap By Substituting Water For Beer

The digital age is upon us and so are millions of photo and video content that are either informative, entertaining or simply bizarre.

With platforms like Twitter, TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, we are spoiled for choice. Earlier today, a video which certainly falls under bizarre content made its way from TikTok to Twitter.

A man left people shocked after he prepared a chicken and pap meal using mostly Heineken beers.

These days you can find just about anything online. Social media is a world all on its own which allows users to watch and create all sorts of content.

This also means that we will be treated to an endless stream of bizarre and downright unbelievable things.

In the latest bit of bizarre content, a TikTok user who is obviously a beer lover, showed off his unconventional cooking methods.

In the clip that was shared on Twitter, the man can be seen preparing a chicken and pap meal using one bizarre ingredient — beer.

Bizarrely, he marinates the chicken in beer and then pours some more of it on the meat before popping it in the oven.

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, he makes his pap by substituting water for the alcoholic beverage. Take a look at the clip below:

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