A 13-Year-Old Girl Was Allegedly R@ped To Death By A Taxi Driver

Mother Cries Out After Her Daughter Was Brutally Murd3red

The family was worried sick when Lebohang didn’t come home from the store. The fact that she was last seen chit-chatting with someone in a two-tone mini-bus taxi at the neighborhood spaza shop only increased their worries.

The revelation shocked everyone in the family. In a desperate attempt to find Lebohang, the family informed the community leaders about the situation.

They shared the details on a community WhatsApp group. The next day, Lebohang’s lifeless body was discovered dumped near the Merafe hostel, completely n@ked.

Lebo’s grandmother, Emily Tsotetsi, believes that her granddaughter was r@ped before being abandoned at the open space.

She passionately pleads with the police to exhaust all efforts in apprehending the perpetrators responsible for this heinous act.

The condition in which they found Lebohang’s body raised suspicions. She appeared to have been strangled with her own shoelace, leaving no visible injuries.

This indicates that the crime did not occur where her body was discovered. Every step must be taken to bring justice for this innocent child.

The cruelty and brutality inflicted upon Lebohang are unimaginable. As a child, she did not deserve such a tragic fate. The community of Mapetla is united in their outrage and demand justice for Lebohang.

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