Mom Assumed She Was Having Twins, ‘but when doctors showed her the ultrasound, she began to cry’!

Alexandra And Anton Received News They Never Expected

Alexandra and her husband Anton were thrilled to learn that they were going to have a baby.

The couple already had a son but wanted another. The doctor announced that Alexandra had two twins, which added to their joy. The young couple eagerly anticipated their family growing from 3 to 5.

Shortly later, Alexandra and her husband were summoned to see their doctor again, and he revealed them news they never expected.

Alexandra cried as the doctors showed the couple the ultrasound.

Alexandra initially thought she was pregnant twins, but doctors later told her she was carrying triplets.

After repeated exams, the physicians found four fetuses in Alexandra. A final scan revealed that 23-year-old Alexandra was carrying 5 kids! Alexandra gave delivery without difficulties.

One girl and four boys were born via cesarean section.

All newborns were healthy, according to the “Institute for care of mother and child” chief doctor.

Everyone is healthy and growing up: Daniel, Michael, Alexa, Martin, and Teresa. Anton and Alexandra got more than they expected from the quintuplets, but I think they wouldn’t trade them for anything!

Alexandra’s delivery was a miracle because quintuplets make up one in 47 million births and survive even fewer.

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