Terrifying Video: Rescue Of Miners From A Gold Mine That Had Collapsed

9 Miners Trapped In A Collapsed Gold Mine Get Rescued

A video of nine Congolese gold miners bursting out of a cave-in and tumbling down a steep slope as onlookers shout in joy has gone viral on social media.

Mining accidents are rife in the giant Central African country, especially at small, artisanal sites such as the one in South Kivu province that collapsed on Saturday following heavy rain.

The video shows a man perched precariously on the side of a steep slope of rubble and digging quickly with a spade while a group of other men stand in a large circle around him and watch.

As the onlookers cheer, a miner emerges from the rubble and slides down the slope on his own momentum.

The rescuer then abandons the spade to dig through the rubble with his hands. Another miner appears, and nine men emerged alive and well in two minutes.


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