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WATCH | Thuli Phongolo Dubbed ‘Mean Girl’ After Allegedly Ignoring DJ Zinhle

'Women Don't Get Along' - Mzansi Reacts

Recently, Thuli Phongolo faced criticism from netizens, who dubbed her a ‘mean girl’ due to an apparent cold shoulder she allegedly gave DJ Zinhle during a performance.

When a camera caught them in an awkward moment together, the internet went crazy.

A video surfaced on Twitter showing Thuli Phongolo and DJ Zinhle performing together at a club. As DJ Zinhle played her set, Phongolo awaited her turn on stage.

In the video, a sense of tension emerges, with Phongolo’s impatience evident as she takes over the decks while Zinhle is still performing.

Despite the tense exchange, DJ Zinhle seemed unfazed, continuing with her performance as Phongolo started her own set.

The incident has revealed a palpable tension between the parties, even to those who were not present. This incident has caused many to contemplate the relationship between the two artists.


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