A Man Was K!lled By Community Members During Load Shedding

The Community Took The Matter Into Their Hands

The rise in cases of mob justice or people taking matters into their own hands can be attributed to a growing lack of confidence in the police.

People don’t trust the police because of all the times criminals have been caught red-handed, reported, and then released back onto the streets a few days later.

The justice system’s track record has left many disappointed, as numerous arrested individuals are granted bail shortly after.

With this ongoing easy access to bails, people tend to loose trust on police that is why they are now taking the law into their hands.

Recently, there is a story of a guy who is called Khoza who stabbed and killed his wife, it wasn’t reported what really caused the fight between the two.

After murdering her, Khoza decided to run away. A few days after his disappearance, he was caught by community members but he refused that his name is Khoza until they search him and found identity card in his wallets.

Immediately, community members called police to arrest him, but some refused, saying he should be fealty to them.

When police arrived, there was load shedding, and a van with several men took him. Police tried to chase the van, but failed, and Khoza was found d3ad after a mob justice.

After this story went viral, many praised the community for handling Thabo alone. No matter what the person did, the law may not allow mob justice, so those involved may be in trouble.




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